Executive & OPERATIONS

The Program is administered by a volunteer parent Executive and our Operations Manager.


The Executive Board for 2018/2019 is as follows:

Co Presidents - Robert Davey and Anna Lilley

Vice President - vacant

Secretary - Kimberley Gutsche

Treasurer - Nicole Wakulchuk

Fundraising Coordinator - Luidmyla Lozovytska

Members at Large - Sandra Gordey, Natasha Zakordonski, Stephanie Lilley, Adrian Harasymiw

Past President - Robert Davey


The Executive monitors the operations of the Programs and provides guidance, direction, support to the Teachers, Operations Manager and the parents.  They are responsible for the financial activities and the maintaining the philiosophies and direction of the Program.


The Operations Manager takes care of daily non-teaching activities such as Registrations, Forms, Parent Handbook, Family Duties, Subsidy claims, Expenses, Bookkeeping, class lists and attendance logs, and liasing with St. Martin School.