Program Activities

Special Events

Two concerts take place every school year for the Playschool, one during the Christmas season and the other for Mother’s Day. This is your child’s opportunity to show how much he or she is learning. Parents, siblings and grandparents are always welcome to attend these special events. Playschool provides the opportunity for cultural enrichment by attending special Easter and Christmas celebrations, and other St. Martin School events. Other special events include a Halloween party, a Valentine's Day party and a Year End Party. More information aboute these events can be found in our monthly newsletters.

We also have a small concert at our Year End Party, in which our After School students also participate.

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Activities: Field Trips and In-Class Presentations

Following the themes presented throughout the school year, a variety of in class presentations and field trips are arranged in and around Edmonton. These educational experiences provide community based learning opportunities and exposure to various occupations, science exhibits, entertainment and music. The focus is to allow children to explore new and interesting things in their environment.

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Pokaz (Show and Tell) and Circle Time

Your child will have many interesting and special things that he or she will want to share with his or her teachers and classmates. Each child will be assigned a day to bring in one of these items. The teachers will help the child share this special item with the class by asking questions. Circle time is also an opportunity for the children to discuss the day and the weather through the use of visual aids and by learning Ukrainian vocabulary. Circle time is filled with interactive activities, songs and rhymes as well as reading stories.

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Directed Play

The teachers will involve the children in an organized game or activity designed to provide learning opportunities. We believe that play is key to a child’s learning and, therefore,  is an essential component to our program. Through the use of themes, activities, songs, books, crafts and field trips, your child will learn through active participation, experimentation and their personal experiences. Your child will also have access to the gymnasium, library and playground at the school to aid in promoting his or her development.

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Free Play Time

Imaginative play is encouraged at Kalyna Kids. The children can play house, dress up in a variety of costumes and interact with their friends in a fun and inviting atmosphere. Through touch, manipulation, exploration and testing, the children gain knowledge of the world around them and learn to cooperate with others. There are many activities your child can choose from including a water table, play dough, a reading area with a variety of books, games, puzzles, a dollhouse, a kitchen, a playhouse, building blocks, building toys, train tables and a sand table.

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Craft Time

Our children are encouraged to express their creativity during our craft time, with a large variety of craft materials available. Kalyna Kids provides the opportunity for the children to be involved in the Ukrainian culture by taking part in activities such as pysanky making and baking paska. Craft time is fun for preschoolers. It isn’t about the finished product but instead about your child experiencing and learning about life, experimenting with craft materials, as well as developing fine motor skills and his or her own creativity. 

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